PAE Homework Assignment 1

please complete this before next class


  1. Buy your textbook (shown in the syllabus) before our next class. Please note that, because our department has changed the course content and seat-time in the classroom, it is not possible for us to use the entire book. Therefore, if you can find a used or photocopied version of the book, that is perfectly okay with me – and you can save yourself some money, too. ¬†ūüôā
  2. Become familiar with the PAE section of (Focus on Learning). Check out each of the pages in the “CLASSES/PAE12366” menu column. There is some very useful information there!
  3.  Get set up on Canvas and do the Canvas Settings Adjustment assignment, as shown in this video:


  4. Prepare a 1 to 2 minute self-introduction speech. You can find examples of self-introduction speeches on YouTube. I have also posted a few below. This self-introduction speech (P0) will be given next class and it¬†is a “Pass/Fail” assignment. ¬†If you do it–and have a classmate record it on your smartphone–you pass. ¬†If you don’t do your self-introduction next class (or get a recording of it), you will fail.. If you don’t do your self-introduction in our next class (or fail to get a recording of it), marks will be deducted from your Participation score.
    Please Note: any students who speak for less than half of the minimum time will automatically get a “zero” (0) for the presentation. The minimum time for this presentation (P0) is 60 seconds.
  5. Have great weekend and see you on Tuesday!

Self-introduction Videos

  • To see a simple self-introduction from¬†a basic ESL textbook, click here.
  • In the following playlist, the first video is an example of a very creative student self-introduction. The other videos are intended more for business people, but they still provide some helpful tips that can be easily adapted for classroom self-introductions. ¬†(In the second video, for example, instead of giving the name of your “company,” you could tell the audience what¬†your “major” is instead.)